Culturally adapted approach for First Nations communities – May 8, 2024

Détails de l’événement

Isabelle Picard, ethnologist, writer and teacher, covers the basics of First Nations peoples.

An appointment not to be missed!

What you’ll learn in this course :

Learn about the First Peoples of Canada and Quebec;
Gain a better understanding of the socio-historical and socio-economic realities of the First Peoples;
Gain a better understanding of assimilation attempts and their consequences for First Nations peoples;
Initiate reflection on the cultural securitization approach;
Learn more about First Nations support organizations.

This training will take place in person at the Centre St-Pierre.

All relevant information will be sent to registrants a few days before the training begins. For this reason, participants’ e-mail addresses are essential for registration.


mai 8 à 9h00 - 17h00

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