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The results of the homeless count I Count Montreal 2015 from March 2015 as well as those of the complementary study from last summer are now publicly available. We believe now is an opportune time to review what these exercises have taught us, as well as to highlight their relevance and why it is important […]

By James McGregor and Eric Latimer (L’article est aussi disponible en français) The Conservative government announced in 2015 its intention to implement a nationally coordinated point in time homeless count. The newly Liberal government has kept this pledge, in keeping with its promise to base policy decisions on reliable and accurate data. The federal government […]

The city of Montréal has just released the results of its first ever point in time count of the homeless population. The overall number of 3016 is important for policy makers, service providers, and researchers, as it will allow for a better understanding of homelessness in Montréal. The final result is in itself important, as […]

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